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Vote for our outstanding candidates at the Consolidated Election.  Take advantage of Vote-by-Mail or Early Voting.  If not, vote at your local precinct on Tuesday, April 6. 

2021 Democrats of Northfield Township Candidates

Endorsed Township Slate

Shiva Mohsenzadeh: Supervisor

Caryn Fliegler: Clerk

Alida Nally: Assessor

Scott Ottenheimer: Trustee

Vince Pace: Trustee

Daniel Schack: Trustee

Kate Spears: Trustee

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Be Better Financial Stewards of Your Money

Residents expect the township to use the taxes collected for actual services, particularly when basic needs are increasing.  Instead of adding to the millions now held in reserve, we will allocate more funds to supporting social services, and find ways of delivering current and new services more efficiently.  Our township allocates less per family in need than other townships, and overall uses only $.29 of your tax dollars for actual service delivery.  That’s indicative of sloppy management.  More importantly it hurts our community and does not reflect our values.


Commit to Using Best Practices in Governance and Management 

Our slate is made up of experienced professionals with expertise in government, finance, data analytics, communication, policy and not-for-profit leadership.  We are committed to using our  collective and unique talents to serve you and achieve common goals.  We will implement a committee structure that will expedite impact and clarify accountability, and ensure transparency by conducting meetings and events in a manner that encourages input and allows for substantive discussion, debate, and consensus-building. 


Communicate Frequently and Collaborate Continuously

We believe governance works best when elected officials and residents maintain an open, ongoing dialogue.  We will move township communications into the 21st century by being accessible at events and during office hours, inviting input at meetings from residents and groups, and using traditional and digital channels to inform, engage and inspire participation and collaboration in township initiatives.  We will collaborate with other governmental units and community leaders so that we make the most of your tax dollars. 

Want to hear more?

Read our Patch article about what we would do to expand social services without raising taxes vs. the $5.8 million (3x the annual  budget) the Republicans have let sit in reserves.


Kate • Caryn • Vince • Shiva • Alida • Dan • Scott

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