About Us

About us

Northfield Township (with 83,000 residents and most of the villages of Glenview, Northfield and Northbrook) has had an exciting and dramatic political change over the last few years.  Once a mighty Republican stronghold, the first Democrat to win the township was Bill Clinton and the first Democrat to break 50% was Al Gore 8 years later.  Since then we’ve kept pushing and in 2008  Barack Obama received over 60% of our township vote.  That same year Democrats won 30 of 34 contests and 12 of 16 contested races.  Credit goes not only to the 80% turn-out of our 55,000 registered voters but also to the countless hours spent by volunteers who distributed over 25,000 sample ballots, ring countless doorbells and talked up Democratic candidates.  Northfield now ranks 12th in Democratic strength among the 30 suburban townships.

Our Democrats are reform-minded and independent voters.  In the 2010 primary election, Northfield Township ranked 7th of 80 wards and townships in its strong vote for the reform nominee for Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle.  When the Democratic Party nominates progressive and reform candidates, we know those candidates will win Northfield Township.

With a strong volunteer organization, led by Committeeperson Tracy Katz Muhl, the Democrats of Northfield Township look forward to continuing to build strength and influence by nominating and electing Democrats.

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Democrats of Northfield Township. Committeeperson, Tracy Katz Muhl.