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We are a strong volunteer organization, led by Committeeman Mike Kreloff, and we work to build strength and influence by nominating and electing Democrats. Learn more →

Our Issues

We support good government. We focus on cutting patronage, cutting Politician’s pay, and cutting unnecessary taxes throughout the township. Learn more →

Our Electeds

We are proud to support the Democratic elected officials in our Township, who are at the front lines promoting policies that are important to us and our community. Learn more →

Latest News

We’re an active organization, and we work towards positive change every day. Find out about our upcoming events & learn about our recent efforts. See the news →

Our Candidates

We support candidates at every level of government who promote policies important to our causes. Learn about our candidates in the upcoming election. See our candidates →

District Maps

Not sure which districts you live in? Take a look at the various district maps for a variety of offices to find out who your representative is. See the maps →

Donate & join the Northfield Democrats

Please join the Northfield Democratics by making a $50 contribution for annual dues, all of which goes towards promoting Democratic Party issues in Northfield Township.

Upcoming Events

We are excited to announce the following upcoming events, please join us at any or all of them.

Petition Kick-Off Party
Petition Kick-Off Party
September 10
learn more
2018: A Democratic Future in Northfield Township
2018: A Democratic Future in Northfield Township
July 31
learn more
Democratic Solutions: 2016 Mini-Convention
Democratic Solutions: 2016 Mini-Convention
July 16
learn more


We are a
strong volunteer
led by Committeeman
Mike Kreloff,
working to
nominate and
elect Democrats.

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